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Friday, April 07, 2006

When Worlds Collide

I could have put this on any one of my 3 blogs. Perhaps I should start a new one for crossover stories. Anyway, here's Dave Colclough's very entertaining account of a "Poker and Soccer Legends" tournament.

Great stuff. I once heard of the legendary Anita calling allin on the river with 99 on a board something like AJJTA, but this probably tops it. I love that Southall took his team mates out first and then went on to play like a total cunt. Still, that's team poker for you ! I can imagine DC banging his head on the floor but I think that, faced with such utter incompetence from his team-mate, there was only one thing he should have done. Walked onto the pitch and sat against the goal post in a strop for 15 minutes.


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