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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Making The Rounds

Kevin Gallen has "apologised to his team mates" after his sending off at the weekend. The Internet footage isn't entirely clear, but whatever it was, it happened well after the ball had gone. We'd still have won if not for the own goal which looks even worse on replay. Mark McGhee has promised Marcus Bignot a bottle of champagne if Brighton stay up. I wouldn't be holding my breath myself.

I am moving back towards Radio 5 for my main football feed in the absence of television. Talk Sport are just too determined to generate controversy when there isn't any (much like Sky and the tabloids). The other night they evidently had nothing to talk about, so were trying to bait Spurs fans with a "rumour" about Ledley King going to Chelsea that they had either read out of a comic or made up. Although their Saturday coverage is still generally better because they don't allow egg-chasing and so on to interfere. Radio 5 would be ok but when oh when are they going to get rid of the awful Alan Green. Or at least stop him from working on Liverpool games, is the BBC not supposed to be impartial ? Of the many criticisms that can be levelled at this wannabe pundit who can't bear to just do his commentating job, the one that isn't levelled enough is that his clumsy, sarcastic attempts at humour can only be described in one word ... woeful.

As mentioned in a comment below, I have had an official 2 points on Blackburn to finish fourth @ 10.5, and a small interest for tonight, Leeds are feeling the pressure in the Championship and are worth laying at home to Crystal Palace, 3 pts @ 2.14. Just to clarify, if I'm laying someone, the points represent the backer's stake, so from my POV it's 3.42 points risked to win 3 (less commission).

Finally it's good to see [1] Mo Sissoko back in the Liverpool squad tonight. Best of luck to him.

[1] sorry ...


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