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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Charlton 3 Newcastle 1

A good game which I really enjoyed. A bit more quality than I'm used to, even if half the field probably wouldn't have looked out of place in a decent Championship team. A dodgy pen, a 30-yard howitzer, a comedy own goal and in doubt right until the breakaway decider in the last minute.

I can't say that anyone really stood out though, Emre and Darren Bent were quite lively. Unfortunately Marcus Bent never looked like troubling the onion bag, scuppering plans of a "Bent Double" headline. What perplexes me though is why Roeder, like Souness, thinks Ameobi is anything but a waste of space playing on the left. You could tell Shearer's running down the clock as well, he couldn't even be bothered to harangue the referee.

All in all a nice change and I'll have to see if I can squeeze another one in before the end of the season.


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