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Saturday, April 01, 2006

QPR 1 Crewe 2

Oh dear. This was all rather depressing. In brief, this was no smash and grab ; I felt that we were outplayed.

We were poor apart from a gung-ho 20 minute spell after half time. Now this is an honest bunch of players, but no amount of commitment or good intentions can make you pass the ball any better. We didn't create enough and a goal 3 milliseconds from time doesn't change that.

Crewe were good. They always are. They were so much better than Millwall and Brighton that I can hardly believe they're bottom. Looking at it now they might still have a chance to stay up, but if they don't then I'd like to be on the right side of them betting-wise next season.

Now, I've been watching Rangers for, blimey, 18 years and I've seen them all come and go. Like any fan I want to see them do well but, provided they're trying, if we lose to a better team like today then fair enough, and I'm not going to sulk about it all week like I used to in the early days. Unfortunately not everyone is so philosophical. There was a fair amount of fractiousness in the stands, as you might expect when you're being gubbed by the team bottom of the league, but I wasn't prepared for the most stupid, cowardly and frankly cuntish act that I've seen for a long time. Two guys were having some kind of argument. One of them turned away to leave when the younger, stronger and less drunk of the two shoved him hard in the back, causing him to fall head first down a concrete stairway. It looked very nasty, and while I couldn't see what kind of state he was in, they hadn't been able to move him 20 minutes later by the time the game ended.

What the fuck is wrong with people ? It's only a game. Rangers might find the going difficult next season and if people are going to react like this, W12 will not be a pleasant place to spend Saturday afternoons (as it wasn't for a couple of years around 2000/01) . And if it comes to that, I won't go. I did it before and I'll do it again, and if you think that makes me a cunt, at least I don't go pushing people down stairs just because we're losing.


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