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Saturday, March 18, 2006

QPR 1 Brighton 1

Probably both sides were disappointed with the result in the end. It doesn't mean a lot to Rangers in the great scheme of things but it's impossible to argue with Gary Waddock's position that we surely would have won without the sending off. I'm going to have to claim the Wenger defence on that one, I really didn't see it. It would be very out of character if Kevin Gallen had whacked him after the ball had gone, he's not that kind of player.

Brighton were so poor going forward that even against ten men they rarely threatened until Marcus Bignot headed a high ball into his own net. I believe the word is "Doh". They look doomed. Sheffield Wednesday gave Rangers a battering last week by all accounts, and beat Preston today to open up a gap that Brighton are unlikely to close from what I saw today.

Not a bad day though, enjoyed watching the game in the company of The Camel, even though it was his fault for bokking us at half time with text messages to various Brighton fans. And when I popped into Gutshot on my way back I was delighted to be rescued from the usuriously raked cash game by an unexpected visit from Lord and Lady Miros, no doubt on their way to a 1-2 in the tournament as I write. No deals though, to the death :-)


  • At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Blackburn to finish fourth. Up for grabs on Betfair at 11-1. Worth a few quid I think



  • At 4:10 PM, Blogger Andy_Ward said…

    Why not. I think they are fourth favourites behind Arsenal, Spurs, Bolton, but not by that much. I'm on for 2 pts @ 10.5.

    This is the "Highest Finisher" market under Premiership if anyone else fancies a nibble.



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