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Sunday, March 26, 2006

What's The Score ?

I'm in the black thanks to some good recent form (and Leeds being crap, hehe). Total match betting to date 12/23, + 3.4 pts. Considering I'm betting 3-5 points per spin though, that's well within noise. Breaking even and having an interest will do me. There have been quite a few occasions when I've laid the home team, or backed the away team with a goal start, and the away team have surpassed expectations and won. QPR @ Sheffield Utd, Torquay @ Wycombe and Sheffield Wed @ Wolves spring to mind. A little courage would have paid off !

Orient I've given up on, even though they did beat Wycombe yesterday, Carlisle look like they're not going to falter. Blackburn are still in the mixer but my best bet of all was Birmingham to go down a couple of months ago. I could lay this back at just over 1.5, but I'm not going to.

As for yesterday, massive win for Barnet, well done to them. And hats off to the Villa fans who produced a banner for David O'Leary saying "We're not fickle, we just don't like you". Banners are always to be encouraged.


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