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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When Worlds Collide (2)

Almost all the hysteria about Wayne Rooney's gambling debts has passed me by. It's amusing to note which papers and people ignore the issue for their own reasons. The Sun are still trying to push Wayne and Colleen as the new Posh and Becks in the hope that Rooney will settle out of court over the granny prostitute story. Meanwhile Bobby Charlton, who two years ago described Michael Owen's £30,000 gambling debts as "vulgar", is remarkably shy about saving our nation's youth from themselves this time around. Who'd have thunk it.

I'm mostly shrugging my shoulders because people who say things like "that's six weeks' wages where would you and I be if we gambled that away" are missing the point that a huge proportion of Rooney's titanic wage packet is completely disposable income. And that's not even including the money he makes "writing" books and for newspapers, and being the face of Scunge [1].

The only point that's really worthy of comment IMO is the fact that, according to newspapers today, he's trying to weasel out of paying all of it. On what grounds, God only knows. Come on though son, nobody likes a welsher. You can afford it, cough up and consider it a lesson learned (or even learnt). The only possible effect I can see it having on England's World Cup chances would be if the bookies in question took out payment in kind on Rooney's knees, as I suspect they might in less high-profile cases. Unlikely as it is, that really would fuck England's chances ...

[1] Scunge is always handy, to have around the plaaaace !

[2] Interesting fact : scunge appears to be Australian slang for "nip". That's not what I was referencing though. 10 points if you know what I was, and google's no help !


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