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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Barnet 2 Notts County 1

Ooh you lucky fish. I'm fairly sure Barnet only had 3 shots on target in the whole game. 2 of them were the penalties. After a scrappy first half, County's nippy frontman latched onto a punt down the line, ran towards the goal quickly and scored. Simple game sometimes. Barnet huffed and puffed until a high ball went in to the far post and someone punched it into the net. Normally this would either be a goal or a free kick to the defence, but a penalty was given, probably because the forward Ben Strevens punched it in as a result of being pushed, it's all I can think of. Ian Hendon despatched the spot-kick for 1-1.

County then pressed quite strongly but, with all 11 players back for a corner, Andy Hessenthaler [1] of all people carried the ball the length of the field, turned back looking for support, and fell over. Another penalty ! It was right up the other end of the pitch so I didn't have a good view, but I just can't believe the defender would have fouled him when he had turned away from goal. We'll take it though, 2-1. County huffed and puffed but didn't threaten any more until the very last minute of injury time when Nicky Bailey, who's probably been Barnet's player of the year in my book, presented a forward with a one on one through his weak back-header. Fortunately for all concerned he lifted it over the bar.

Torquay look doomed now at it's any one of 4 or 5 for the second relegation spot. Two things need to happen for Barnet this year, they need to stay up and they need the local election results to go their way. Both are odds-on, as a double though ... 50/50. Let's hope for the best.

[1] I say of all people because Hessenthaler is older than me. I reckon that's only him and Teddy Sheringham left ...


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