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Friday, March 03, 2006

Out And About

A reasonable question to ask would be how can I comment on football when I don't even have a TV ? Quite easily I think. I'm sure there are a lot of points you can miss watching a game of football through the small screen, particularly defensive organistion, positioning and the like. One could also argue that not being subjected to TV's relentless hype and various biases (especially when it comes to international and Champions League games) is a plus point.

In any case this blog is a good excuse to get off my arse and take in some more games. I shall be at Loftus Road tomorrow to see QPR take on Wolves. I might not have time to post any bets for this weekend but I wouldn't put anyone off backing Rangers tomorrow, 2.9 something last I looked. If the boys can keep playing the way they are, they'll be good value generally for a month or two. One interesting sidenote to this game is that Gary Waddock man-marked Glenn Hoddle in both of the Cup Final games of 1982 and, legend has it, the only time Hoddle escaped his clutches in two games was when Waddock slipped and Hoddle set up the chance for the match-winning penalty.

Also today I had no trouble whatsoever in booking a ticket for Charlton v Newcastle in three weeks time. This will be my first Premiership game in at least 7 years, and should be interesting. I'm already interested to note that I'm only stuck £26 for the privilege, and that's the most expensive ticket available. That's less than Rangers charge, which can't be right. Well, I suppose we're still paying for the John Spencer / Vinny Jones years in a lot of ways. Mind you, at least Spencer could fucking play.


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