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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not Another Football Blog

Fraid so. Welcome to "Despite His White Boots". For shame if you do not know the origin of the name, it refers to my favourite ever Colemanball, Keggy Koogle's "Despite his white boots, he has genuine pace". Like all the best ones, it makes a strange kind of sense.

Currently this contains all the football-related posts from my Get It Quietly blog. I have copied over all the posts from this season, just to make sure that my tipping of Reading and Brentford is still in place. Unfortunately I have lost all the comments along the way so if you made a particularly witty comment on one of these posts you could always repeat it. Or, more sensibly, not bother your arse like me.

This blog will contain betting tips and results, reports on games I have attended and general musings on the beautiful game. Enjoy !


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