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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Barnet 1 Carlisle 2

A difficult game today, there was a very strong, blustery wind and for those of you who know Underhill it was mostly blowing down the slope. So for the first half, Barnet had most of the game in the Carlisle half. Strevens would have been in with a better touch once and Sinclair headed wide just before the break, but Carlisle came closest when Holmes' looping header hit the post.

Into the second half and Barnet did ok for 15 minutes without really threatening until Holmes headed home a more difficult chance than the one he missed. Unfortunately for him it was into his own net. They say you're never more vulnerable than when you've just scored though ... and Carlisle were level within 20 seconds of the restart. Barnet right back Barry Fuller inexplicably hacked a ball right across the penalty area, straight into the path of Michael Bridges who popped it in. Carlisle then took advantage of the conditions and penned Barnet in for 20 minutes before working an overlap and slotting the winner. They were comfortable after that and struck the post again from a 20 yard free-kick. Barnet had a brief flurry in injury time but only managed one header on goal and that was that.

Carlisle looked even less impressive than Wycombe to me, although to be fair the conditions didn't help anyone. Bridges was the difference between the sides. Barnet did ok for much of the game but Grazioli is well out of touch and so they're really struggling to score goals. The one straw to cling to is that the new striker Kandol was suspended today and will be back next week. They'll need him to keep scoring (2 in 2 so far) or they'll be looking over their shoulders.

Finally what a result for Rangers, who could have predicted that ! Hehe.


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