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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gambling For Fun And Profit

Well definitely for fun. I don't know about profit. Not doing my bollocks would be sufficient. Of a Saturday I'm going to pick out some bets and post them up here. I'm not going to study the form all week or run a computer program over thousands of games of statistics like I used to because frankly that was a waste of effort. I might talk about the computer business at some point as it's quite interesting (in a way). I'm just going to use the force and feel my way to a few quid, hopefully.

If you're on line around Saturday lunchtime and you fancy a bet, take a look. If you have a different view on a particular game, post a comment, place the bet and now it's personal ! All comments must be in place before kick-off or it doesn't count. No ticket no rubdown !!

So what of today. I fancy Brentford to give Charlton a hard time today but the Asian Handicap on Betfair is still betting around 140%. If it settles down I will have a punt, probably 5 pts on Brentford +1.0. For the uninitiated, this means I win if Brentford at least draw, I lose if Charlton win by 2 or more, and it's a push if Charlton win by 1.

Nothing jumps off the page elsewhere in the Cup or the Championship. I'm moderately tempted to lay Norwich but I did that in the week and they won 3-0, Earnshaw bagging a couple. Forest would be a shoe-in to oppose at Port Vale if Megson hadn't jumped this week. Is the new manager effect real or just regression to the mean ? I'm going to do it anyway, how often this season have I heard the score "Scungeford 2 Nottingham Forest 0" and thought "why wasn't I on that ?". Swindon have picked up, Cureton is scoring goals and I fancy them at home to struggling Rotherham. I can't see much to tempt me in League 2 either. Barnet are usually worth a sentimental bet at home, but not on their travels.

Today's bets :

Brentford + 1.0, 5 pts @ 1.88 (matched)
Port Vale, 4 pts @ 2.54 (matched)
Swindon, 4 pts @ 2.20 (matched)

Results : Well that'll be just for fun today then. 0/3, 13 points in the hole ...


  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Stevie Bennett said…

    No rub down from me Andy. The new manager thing again with Forest. Uncanny that isn't it?

    Mind you it pissed me off big time seeing Rotherham win at Swindon today as in the corresponding fixture earlier in the season I had my biggest single football bet all season.

    I was on a train to Sandown Park that day and received a frantic phone call telling me that Swindon had half dozen injuries a 4th choice keeper and 3 youth team players in defence and all the 'judges' were on. I availed myself of the 4/5, it finished at 4/7...the evens having gone already...for what was really a 2-5 chance.

    What happened? Well Rotherham dominated the entire game, missing chance after chance, Swindon had one shot in the whole game and won 1-0. Marvellous! Just shows that no matter how big the edge you still need a bit of 'mazzel'. Good to see them winning at Swindon. I think not!

    Anyway I cannot comment, as I have been so out of form this year I could not pick my nose.

    Do like this blog though. Almost makes me want to start blogging again...well maybe not 8-)

    ...and as for bloody Wycombe. Are they the most Jeckyl and Hyde team ever? Still joint top despite all of their attempts to commit suicide. I think I would settle for all the places now on my teams, Sheff Utd, Brentford, Huddersfield. Wycombe and Grimsby, and get out with a nice profit.

  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger Fred Titmus said…

    You pooh-pooh'd my powers....

    It's $80 now.

  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger Andy_Ward said…

    How do you know I'm not posting these tips, waiting for you to bok them and then placing huge bets on the opposite outcome ?



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