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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Whites 5 Blues 5

One must keep in touch with the grass roots, and it you can't go much lower than our weekly kickabout at work. We have cones for posts, not jumpers, and some of us have been known to take it rather too seriously, YHN (your humble narrator) not excepted.

We started off with 13 players today and the Whites (and Reds and Pinks) were fortunate enough to have the extra woman. Yes, we let a girl play. She plays National Division Two hockey and is a useful footballer, not least because she's one of the few who will actually look up and play it simple instead of launching blind 50-yard "passes" all the time. On the downside she is a little reticent to control the ball when someone whacks it at her tits as I did today. Sorry mate, a bit heavy that one. Anyway we forged into a 3-1 lead until she left and made it 6v6. From this point on they had a couple of the fitter players and we had a couple of the "hide up front and hope for a tap in" merchants and after a rather unfortunate own goal from YHN we found ourselves 5-4 down with time running out. Fortunately I made amends by planting a corner kick right on top of their flappy goalkeeper. He obligingly palmed it out to one of our boys who returned it with interest into the (imaginary) onion bag. Honour maintained for another week.


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