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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You Might Be An Idiot, But We're Not

Milan Mandaric is at it again.

"I still believe we will stay up [1] but even if we go down it will only be short-term. There are other clubs who have been relegated like Newcastle, Manchester City and even Manchester United - in the Seventies - and came back stronger."

Yes, other clubs who can attract 40,000+ through the gate. It's also worth pointing out that City dropped down another level and Newcastle were remarkably close to doing the same thing pre-Keegan. Let's instead look at some other more Portsmouth-sized clubs who have been relegated in recent years. Leeds have a decent chance of coming back up. Palace and Wolves are hovering around the playoffs. Ipswich, Norwich, Coventry, QPR, Southampton and Derby are safe enough in the Championship for another season but there's no reason to believe that any of them will be top two material next time out. Sheffield Wednesday are still in considerable danger of joining Nottingham Forest in League One. And as for Oldham, Bradford and Swindon ... If he had said West Ham, Bolton and Charlton I would have thought fair enough. But Manchester United, come on, that was 30 years ago !

I am so tired of people in football, and other walks of life, talking bollocks to try to make themselves look better. Utter, utter bollocks that we would have to be complete idiots to believe. If Portsmouth think that they're going to cruise the Championship next season, they are in for a very rude awakening.

[1] ROFLMAO as they say on the forums. In which case I trust you will be laying the bejesus out of them on Betfair at 1.12 to go down. You could use some of the money your mates made in that Redknapp coup.


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