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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't Mess With Psycho

Anyone who wants to have a pop at Stuart Pearce has to get through me first. Some twat on BBC Sport said this today :

"Stuart Pearce has only been a manager for 5 minutes!!! Please FA don't be fooled by his apparent indifference. I think he wants it big-time. How dare he consider himself qualified. "

For one, he doesn't consider himself qualified. He's said so very clearly. It was more than a week ago so you've probably forgotten.

It's funny how a public figure who (in my opinion) is just level zero honest all the time (rare as that is) can be misinterpreted. In this case by someone saying "I think he's lying. How dare he lie. And how dare he take the position that he says he isn't because he's lying".

How dare you talk such crap about Pearce. What should come across from all of my many blogs is how I hate the hypocrisy and arse-covering that people think is a substitute for doing their jobs right, and if they can't do it right, finding something else they can do right even if this is less well-paid and out of the public eye. When someone like Pearce cuts the crap, gets on with it and takes it on the chin when it doesn't go well they earn my total respect, and I will take his corner against tools like the correspondent above. I have Emailed a response to BBC Sport, we'll see if it is printed.

Update : Take that, hoser ! Also note that I spelled "impugn" correctly in my Email to the BBC, and they changed it to "impune". Don't start me off about standards at the BBC ...


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