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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blues 7 Whites 8

Dammit. We were 7-6 up with time running out. I knew we should have stood on it in the corner. Sadly they equalised and scored a dramatic "last goal wins" winner.

I failed to trouble the scorers today, slightly unlucky with a flicked volley that was well saved and a drive deflected onto the cone, er post. Less so when I snatched at three clear chances with the goal at my mercy. Take a touch you idiot !

A good game though with even sides (which helps a lot). I have a terrible habit of giving people Schmeichel-esque bollockings when we concede a goal which is really unnecessary in a fun game. Even if they did let the runner go. But today I resolved to mind my own and just get on with it, which made it more enjoyable for everyone I'm sure. I'm writing this here in the hope that I'll stick to it ...


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