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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stand By Your Manager

More nonsense in BBC Sport. The gist of it, if you rightly can't be arsed, is that

"clubs who part company with their managers regularly are less likely to succeed than those who stand by their man"

Does it not occur to anybody that they're mixing up cause and effect here ? If your manager isn't up to it, you have to boot him out. This usually happens in mid-season when all the good managers are still employed. So you're forced to either employ one of the failed out-of-work managers, e.g. Peter Reid, God help you, or gamble on an unknown like Adrian Boothroyd (kerching !) or Alan Perrin (Doh !). If the next one doesn't work out, round you go again, until you find a manager who is good enough to bring you success but not so good that he moves onwards and upwards. Basically, for every Alex Ferguson who came through a period of extreme pressure to deliver, there have been 20 no-marks who would have ruined their clubs if they hadn't been removed before it was too late.

Stand by your manager providing he is good enough. Sunderland are standing by Mick McCarthy, for example. Birmingham are standing by Steve Bruce (and long may they do so). I don't know why the "League Managers Association" and their cohorts get upset anyway. Crap manager gets a big payoff, and someone else can have a go. Kerching all round I would have thought. Except for us mugs who are paying for it.


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