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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Last Kick Of The Game

Props to Wigan for their dramatic last-minute "winner" at Highbury. The away goals rule can throw people off sometimes, and last night was no exception. When Arsenal scored the second, it put them in front BUT it didn't change the fact that one Wigan goal would send them through instead. It was just that if Wigan didn't score, Arsenal would now win instead of needing a penalty shootout. A fact that had obviously escaped many in the crowd who were "Ole"-ing as if it was 7-0 again like last week.

Keeper Mike Pollit admitted that he was expecting a penalty shootout and, according to the report I read, rentaquote chairman Dave Whelan looked rather perplexed when everyone was celebrating at the final whistle. The best story I have heard along these lines though was told to me by a relative of one of Carlisle United's coaching staff. Their Auto Windscreens Final against Birmingham was the first game ever to be decided on the "golden goal" rule (remember that, you never know when you might need that one in a football quiz). There being no score after 90 minutes, the game went to sudden death. Birmingham scored, cue wild celebrations and 10 Carlisle players slumping to the turf. The one exception, whose name sadly escapes me, ran back to the goal, picked up the ball and shouted "come on lads, we can still win this".


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