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Monday, February 06, 2006

End Of An Era

I prefer to write about things as and when I feel like it ; in just the same way as you play better poker when you want to play rather than when you feel obliged to [1], it's more fun and you invariably do it better, whatever it is. However, I can hardly ignore Ian Holloway being placed on "gardening leave" by QPR.There has been a clear sense that all is not well at Loftus Road throughout the season. It's the first year since relegation to what is now League One when we have seemed to be standing still or even going backwards. A lot of players have been brought in who appear to be no better than what we had already. Much of the football has been, by all accounts, turgid. I can't say too much because I haven't actually been since September. The last two games I saw were absolutely dreadful in terms of entertainment. I also felt that £28 for a seat was taking the piss, and took to watching Barnet.

Truth will eventually out in regard to what's happening now ; it seems to me that the club are using Leicester as a smokescreen to try to oust Ian Holloway without paying him off, but we'll see. At least they are saying the right things about thanking Ian Holloway for what he did, and I'd like to join that. After being unable to avoid relegation, he had 7 players turn up for the start of pre-season, with the club in administration. He did an exceptional job in the circumstances and will always be fondly remembered by most fans I hope. By me anyway.

Now, as the Buddhists say, who knows what's good or bad. We might find a better manager who moves us forward ; we might not. I just hope they install someone relatively young. Martin Allen would be my number one choice by a mile, however Brentford will not want to let him go, and he himself might feel that if he was to move, he could do better, despite his links with and support for QPR. And while I said "doom" a few months ago when John Gregory was spotted in the directors' box, I've started to warm to him on TalkSport, he talks a lot of sense. We'll have to see. Just for God's sake not Peter Reid or someone like that.

Finally, for the moment Gary Waddock is running the shop and after meeting him last year I will try to get along there on Saturday to offer my support, coincidentally [2] against Millwall who he also played for.[1] As I am finding out in my Sit and Goes, more of that elsewhere[2] Like rain on your wedding day, this is COINCIDENCE. It is NOT IRONY. Damn you all to hell !


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