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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Magilton In

Good luck to Jim Magilton at QPR - signs are he'll need it. It's slightly encouraging that he is officially described as "manager" rather than "first team coach" as has been the case before, but little more than that. Given the number of better jobs available at the moment this rather low-key appointment is in fact about the best that QPR could reasonably hope for. It will be interesting to see who pitches up at Reading, and Swansea if Martinez goes, for comparison.

Season ticket sales are, apparently, through the floor compared to last season and I don't expect a lot of money to be spent on players. If Blackstock (and perhaps Camp as well) go to Forest then maybe the club will splash out on Beckford or Cox up front, we'll see. I'm pretty much going to take it as it comes till August at least and see how I feel after a couple of months off.


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