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Sunday, March 01, 2009

In The Mind Of The Football Fan

From BBC Sport :

"1343: The Hull fans are FURIOUS, and so is Geovanni, as Phil Brown opts to take off the Brazilian. Geovanni turns and claps the home fans, promoting a massive cheer, but then the boos return and the striker sits on the bench and carries on ranting. Phil Brown must be feeling the heat as he stands motionless on the touchline."

Yeah, what a donk that Phil Brown is. What's he ever done for Hull ?

Sarcasm aside, yes fans are entitled to boo and jeer if they feel they're not getting value for money and their club is being badly run. But FFS, does everyone have the memory span of a fucking goldfish ? Where were Hull 18 months ago ? Bottom six of the Championship. And 5 years ago ? Propping up the entire football league. And now 14th in the Premier League isn't good enough for them. Does everyone have to win every game 5-0 to be happy ?

Listen, Charlton fans are entitled to boo. So are Leeds. Grimsby. Oxford. But when you're watching the club who is overachieving probably more than any club has overachieved since Wimbledon were in the top flight, how about cutting them a bit of slack for the odd bad day ? How about, when the manager, who has taken you to a position you could barely have dreamed of, makes a change that you don't understand, accepting that there must be a reason for it that you don't know ?

Hull may not be my problem, the worst thing is that this is coming at Rangers. It's depressing to think that even if we made the Premiership it wouldn't stop.


  • At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think with the gates Hull can get (average 16k at the KC Stadium) that Cambridge United are still the biggest over-achievers since Wimbledon, finishing 4th in the 'Championship' in 1992 and making the playoffs for the Prem.

    All that with a stadium holding 9000, no benefactor and a record signing of 140k.


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