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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here

I've just been watching the highlights from yesterday's game against Sheffield Wednesday (I was in Dublin). With Di Carmine safely off the pitch, and playing 4-4-2 for the last half hour, Rangers scored three, had two disallowed for offside (one of which looked on), hit the post twice and missed about four more great chances. There is a lot of talent in the side and you really have to wonder why sometimes we have looked so awful this season.

Maybe the catalyst is Gareth Ainsworth taking the team again, he was great on the club website after the game, talking about getting the players to enjoy and express themselves and trying to play exciting and attractive football "because that's what the fans want". And it is. 100%. I'd rather see Ainsworth get the job than some tosser like Wise or Ince, and obviously no good, established, employed manager is going to touch the gig with a barge pole so why the fuck not IMO. Just bring in a very experienced man as number two and let Ainsworth go at it.

That's what I'd do anyway. I'm definitely going to pass on a season ticket for next year anyway though, and just show up as and when I feel like it, which is much more in keeping with how I'm trying to live my life, moving on from here.

Update : In the interests of fairness, Briatore makes his case here. I'm still a lot less than convinced, but there it is. I am glad to hear they're re-laying the pitch in the summer.


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