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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hypocrites' Hypocrite

Ferguson Fears Ref Was Pressured

Dammit. I'll be picking up the bits of my irony detector for a week, and the smoke is still in the air even though the windows have been open for an hour. If anyone can top this for bare-faced hypocrisy, in any field, in the history of the world ever, I'll tip my hat to them.

Update 26/4 : But how can you blame him, when it so obviously works. I'm certainly lost for any other explanation for the most ludicrous penalty decision I've seen in many a year. On the plus side, it was against Tottenham.

Update 25/5 : A late entry, but still from the Champion of course :

29/4 : "Arsenal's big advantage is that they can play Pat Rice at right-back and Arsene himself at centre-forward on Saturday ... We have to play a team to win the game. We have a lunchtime kick-off at Middlesbrough and I do not think it is right."

24/5 : Manchester United team v Hull : Kuszczak, Rafael Da Silva (Eckersley 60), Neville, Brown, De Laet (Possebon 79), Nani, Fletcher, Gibson, Welbeck (Tosic 87), Martin, Macheda.


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