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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enough Is Enough

Alright, that's it. I've given Briatore & co the benefit of the doubt for far too long. With all the conflicting reports that come out of the club, there's little you can do but try to make your own judgement based on gut feeling. The pattern has now repeated itself often enough to look at the common factors - it can't always be the manager. Every time. It's the people running the club and, by every indicator that I have, it's Briatore.

The F1 consortium may well have "saved" QPR, but at what cost ? The club is now a joke. Official reports about Paulo Sousa's departure smack of a pretext to remove him without paying off his contract. While the team has been below par for a couple of months, extenuating circumstances like injuries, the state of the home pitch and, most of all, the interference from above are enough for me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ah, what's the point in focussing on the particular details this time around. It's still the same story. Now, no manager worth his salt will touch the job and frankly the best practical option is Gareth Ainsworth, despite his inexperience. Because who else would take it ? It tells you all you need to know that the betting favourite is Dennis Wise.

QPR will always be my club but it's time for me to become much more detached, emotionally. There's now no way I'm buying a season ticket for next year and I will come and go as I please. In the meantime I can only offer up a heartfelt appeal for the Mittals to please, please, please make Briatore an offer he can't refuse (take that any way you like :-)), because until then the club is fucked.


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