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Monday, February 09, 2009

Cause And Effect

I have no particular view on Tony Adams' dismissal at Portsmouth, except to say that if Sylvan Distin makes a routine clearance on Saturday, they almost certainly win the game and everything's on the up. Small margins indeed.

What frustrates me is the misconception that the Managers Association suit guy trots out yet again. "Alex Ferguson, " he reads from his list, "Arsene Wenger, Martin O'Neill, David Moyes". This proves that you should give managers time. Once again, cause and effect are hopelessly switched. Those guys have been in the job for a long time because they're good. They're not good because they've been in the job for a long time. If you give a bad manager time all he's going to do is drag your club down further and further. We don't know if Big Tone would have been a good manager in time, but coming up with this ludicrous survivor biased argument is completely irrelevant.

A lesser point that hasn't come up is that managers who have been around the block have a good sense of what jobs to take and what to steer clear of. Or even jump ship from, in Redknapp's case - a bit of a no-brainer to move from Portsmouth with no money to spend to Tottenham who still seem to have an inexhaustible supply. Especially when you're not hindered by inconvenient personal traits such as loyalty or commitment to previous agreements. Worldly wise managers tend to steer clear of situations like Portsmouth or Blackburn in the summer when the outgoing manager was a big success and has moved on to better things, but there isn't much money around to rebuild. Whereas Paul Ince and Tony Adams probably feel it's the best chance they'll get to prove themselves. If a young manager really wants a chance in the Premiership, his best bet IMO is to wait for a gig at a Championship side with the backing to move forwards, and store up enough goodwill through promotion to see out a bad spell or two in the Prem. But not QPR thanks, we're happy with Paulo.

Update : Expect more of this guff in the light of this.


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