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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The School Of Science (better title pending till I think of one)

It looks like the new scientific approach to football hasn't made it as far as Doncaster. When fans questioned why their new £30 million stadium doesn't have undersoil heating, the managing director said, and here's the link if you don't believe me, "I think the view was taken that due to predicted global warming that there wouldn't be a need for it" .

LOL, who's your scientific advisor, DY ? Here's a quick heads up for football directors, right-wing bloggers and other n00bs. What you think of as "global warming" does not entail "well that's a shame for hot countries but it'll be nice to have milder winters here". What the scientific community now calls "climate change" to try to avoid this kind of blockheaded nonsense actually entails "catastrophic and permanent wrecking of the climate and environment to a point where life on the planet as we know it would be unsustainable". And before that happens, one possible effect is that the Gulf Stream is diverted, causing temperatures in the UK (which is after all on the same latitude as Siberia) to drop by around 10 degrees. I'm sure it will be a comfort to you to mutter "so much for global warming" at that point.

Thanks to the Camel for bringing this to my attention, and standard disclaimer, if by about a 25-1 shot the guy was levelling then most amusing.


  • At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe 'climate change' was actually coined by a Bush spin-advisor.


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