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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Credit Where It's Due

This is the funniest and best-observed football piece I've seen in a long time :

The 50 worst things about modern football

Do read it all but I think my favourites are :

16. Internet message boards - My team’s better than yours. No, my team’s better than yours. No, my team’s better than yours. No. my team’s better than yours. Repeat until the world ends.

9. The FA Cup [1] - When was the last time a milkman lifted the FA Cup? When was the last time a postman scored at Wembley? There’s nothing romantic about a competition which ends every year with a bloke who earns £100,000 a week lifting a trophy that he doesn’t really give a monkey’s about.

And of course

6. Radio phone-in shows - “The next caller is Gary from Guildford. What do you want to get off your chest, Gary?” - “Well, Alan. I think Rafa’s got to go. How can you leave Torres on the bench when you need three points? And as for that ref, he’s got to be the worst ref I’ve ever seen.” - “Were you at the game, Gary?” - “No.”

This list should be printed out and stapled to the head of every TV executive and FA suit who is responsible for all these atrocities.

Meanwhile things are looking up in W12, two excellent away wins have brokem the hoodoo. Reading come to town on Saturday and whatever happens I'm sure the joint will be jumping.

[1] LDO. You know what I think of the FA Cup already.


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