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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Debt And More Debt

A quick update to The League Table Of Debt ; you would have thought that having found their way into the Premiership with a debt of just £1m, Hull City might at least be reasonably safe - but apparently not. Now, as they say in the article, those numbers apply to the point just after Hull were promoted, so the extra Premiership income should see them through, you would think, if they haven't gone nuts on wages. It makes you wonder though, when Hull City, with a new stadium and good attendances, bink the Premiership out of nowhere, stay up and they're still apparently under threat, after basically finding the "pot of gold" - well, it's no wonder what the writer says at the end about most clubs needing a sugar daddy. Premiership (and wannabe Premiership) football appears to be completely unsustainable on its own merits at the moment.

Given that, I might as well pop along to QPR and see if they really are playing their best football since 1995 at the very least, before they hit the skids as well, and I should be at the Palace game next week (if not Leicester on Friday).


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