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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crisis At QPR - The BBC Steps In

Report - F1 Scandal Hits QPR

A typically in-depth report from the BBC. The one expert opinion that the reporter seeks is ... a bloke in a flower shop. Nice bloke I'm sure, but what does he know ? Nothing. Wouldn't it be better journalism for the BBC to find someone who actually does know what would happen in the event that the Football League deem Briatore to be "unfit" to own the club while he actually owns it, instead of during the process of buying it ? Because that would be a useful thing to know, and someone in football must know it, if leagues don't make stuff up as they go along (hang on ...).

I don't know shit about what would happen. I'm expecting a BBC team to knock on my door at any minute. Why don't we just wait and see. In the meantime I will actually be at the game on Saturday as the Camel is in town for the donkaments (what a great sentence that must be to someone who doesn't know poker). If Rangers win, great, if they don't then meh. That mindset's working really well for me so far this season.

Update : Camel bows out with camel flu and I have to be in Chelmsford this evening so it was too awkward to go on my own. 5-2 thriller. FOL.

Further Update (7/10) : Briatore set to discover QPR fate

"We have a board meeting and have at least a couple of fit-and-proper person issues which we will address," said Football League chairman Lord Mawhinney.
"They are on the agenda. I would like to come out of the board meeting with settled policies in general terms which we can apply to future cases that need to be addressed. "

So in other words they are making it up as they go along. Marv.


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