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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can Daniel Negreanu Put A Penalty Past Pepe Reina ?

WTF you say, can Superman outrun The Flash ? But there is some indication that this is a challenge that might actually be thrown down. I say some indication because we're working off a piece in The Sun (I know) :

Sheringham Is Feeling Flush

Incidentally the poker content of this piece is LOL even by The Sun's standards. However, this is the bit that sparked interest on 2+2 :

"But Canadian Daniel [Negreanu] has the chance to win some extra cash over a bet with another footballer - Liverpool goalkeeper JOSE REINA. Jose met Daniel at a tournament and reckons Daniel won't score past him in five attempts - and there's £12,000 riding on it."

Here's the 2+2 thread. Oddly, Negreanu chips in to comment on his football background but gives no indication whatsoever if the bet is genuine and, if so, when it might happen. This leads me to suspect shenanigans and severly doubt whether anything will happen. Nonetheless, if it does, I have booked $1000 with 2+2er BKIce, with me saying no way, Negreanu will not score in 5 pens and him taking 1/5 or more. It seems self-evident to me that I have the best of this, not least because Negreanu is a wet and a weed. Someone who's more than 9 stone dripping wet might have a better shot. I have to say though, it's a good bet - it's fun to see how many people (myself included) are so confident even though they're taking opposite sides.

Update : Sadly, especially for those of us hoping to make the easiest $1000 in earth history, this is not going to happen. Negreanu has again posted in the thread without giving any indication of if and when it will actually take place. My read of his thought process is "Yay ! 8 pages of people talking about me playing football ! Who says I'm gay ?". Everyone Daniel. Everyone.


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