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Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick Off The Mark

A couple of pieces caught my eye on BBC Sport this morning. First of all Lee Camp is on his way back from Forest now that Calderwood is out ; interesting to note that there is no mention of QPR having changed manager in the interim. Judging matters as I do from my 4-inch square goal highlights on the Internet, Camp looked a lot less than commanding shipping 4 to Doncaster, but then again, it looked like Cerny cost Rangers 2 points at Charlton. That's the first time he has cost us points IMO, but it will be interesting to see whether Sousa gives Camp another chance.

Elsewhere, I loved this. Pratt sets record for red card. Some egg got himself sent off after 3 seconds in the Southern Premier. The club secretary (LOL nonleagueaments) said afterwards "You normally won't meet a milder man, but David lost it". That's so awesome. How can you lose it in 3 seconds ? It must have been like *refereeblowswhistle* yourmother'sawhorehowdareyoutakethataaaaarghhhhyou'reoffson.


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