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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arriverderci Dani

Yes I know, but didn't Homer Simpson say that Spanish and Italian are the same language ? However you want to say it, it seems that Real Madrid politely enquired whether Dani Parejo might return to them on January 1st, and Rangers said "he'll be on the next plane". Paolo Sousa made a rather pointed comment about how Parejo will have a great career "with a good professional attitude" and frankly this sounds best for everyone, even Briatore who can save some face as it's a "recall" by Madrid.

Anyone who saw Parejo stumble around Selhurst Park for 45 minutes can see how getting him off the wage bill is a total result, except Eurosport that is who made him part of their "Team Of The Week" based on that display ! While QPR have come off another couple of disappointing away results, albeit that a draw at Plymouth isn't that bad and at least we scored a goal, now we have 4 out of the next 5 at home (including the FA Cup), and the one away game is at gruesomely woeful Charlton. Now would be a great time to kick on, even a couple of results to push us back towards the top 6 before the transfer window opens might help to attract players to the club. Fingers crossed for Ben Watson, who I think would be a good acquisition, but the main priorities IMO are a striker (Helguson will do from what I've seen so far) and an attacking full back ; with Sousa's preferred narrow midfield, we desperately need an attacking threat from full back and none of the current squad are good enough going forward, although they're basically sound defensively (even Ramage provided no one's running at him). Cook is supposedly a done deal to sign permanently, and bring Balanta back from Wycombe IMO !

First impressions of Sousa are good, not least because he looks to have the board fully behind him, so it will be interesting to see whether the club want to gamble in this transfer window or try to build more gradually for next season.


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