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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hooray It's Saturday

As you may have noticed I am easing up on the betting - it's a leak don't you know. We poker professionals have to be disciplined. But if you still ache to be told what to bet on, this guy's not too bad. Quite entertaining as well. I like his tip for Wigan today and I have placed a small investment @ 1.95 on Betfair.

As an aside, it only came to my attention yesterday that Zara Phillips won Sports Personality Of The Year. I haven't been taking these smoke-blowing contests seriously for several years ; if you still do after this, then you are an egg of the highest order. I'd love to know how many of the voters actually realised that Zara Phillips did whatever the hell she did at the time when she did it. I was expecting Darren Clarke to waltz home with this one but I was told yesterday by a friend who is slightly more in touch with the paperazzi world that he has found a new love. This is great for him, really, he does seem like a top man, I've no bones with the guy at all. I'm sure though that the tragedy-loving British voting public then thought "oh, well fuck him then". What a country. I'd have given it to that pie bloke from Wigan myself.

The point I am rambling towards, however, is that even in a World Cup year there wasn't a single footballer in list of 10. How about that ? It seems to me that people in general (both TV voting eggs and otherwise) have had about enough of them. Cashley, Ferdinand, Lampard, Rooney, Owen - who out there respects a single one of them, as a man ? They are pampered, self-obsessed twats. And everyone is also sick of their stupid WAGs. If only High Class Hookers made a more media-friendly acronym.

Anyway I'm off to Underhill today ; this is the first time in a while I have deliberately plumped for Barnet ahead of Loftus Road. There are a lot of reasons jumbled in together that just make me feel like that's what I want to do today. So, as a slave to no man, that's what I'm going to do. I shall pop down to Rangers next Saturday for the Barnsley game, just to see them off before I hit the US.


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