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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stop The Rock

There was a good Email in Football365 yesterday, 10 things in football that must be changed, now. A couple of people followed up with some more suggestions, and second prize goes to "Bring back chanting ooooooh you're shit aaaaaaaargh at goalkeepers", I used to love doing that. But the winner was the original correspondent's "Stop Tannoy Music After A Goal".

They do this at Loftus Road and it sucks. It's super pants. We've just scored a goal, we don't need a stupid song to make us jump up. And it is a crap song as well, that Pig Bag from years ago. This came to a head on Tuesday when Rangers apparently scored, the music started, and then it became clear that the goal had been disallowed for offside. At which point the music stopped, but then the Sunderland fans starting chanting the tune. Fair play to them. Unfair play, meanwhile, to the Rangers fans who threw bottles onto the pitch in protest at an "offside goal" that wasn't even, on video replay, offside. I know that shouldn't make a difference but it kind of does.

Anyway, I'm up for the Cup today, let's see if Barnet can upset the apple cart of League One visitors Northampton.


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