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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Barnet 4 Northampton 1

The great thing about football is how it can surprise you with a completely unexpected turn of events. At half time in this game, Barnet were one down against a better team from a higher division, without Tresor Kandol who had scored more than half their goals this season. 10 minutes into the second half they were ahead and by the end they had completely blitzed the opposition with what I believe is known as a four-goal salvo.

Anyway, enough dramatic foreshadowing and back to the start of the game. Northampton looked fairly comfortable, passed the ball better and opened the scoring just before the break when ex-Barnet man Scott McGleish nodded in from six yards. McGleish eschewed the respectful muted celebration against a former club in favour of a full somersault triple pike with twist. The cunt. However, Barnet turned the game on its head in the second half, first of all Kandol's loan replacement Adam Burchill latched on to Liam Hatch's flick and poked the ball in at the near post. Then Dean Sinclair beat the defence to Jason Puncheon's cross to head the home side into the lead.

Barnet then I think surprised Northampton by (commendably) continuing to pour forward. Puncheon made his way to the by-line only for McGleish to fly in with a reckless challenge. Although he did appear to play ball and man, the referee pointed to the spot. Karma, to paraphrase Blackadder, is very quick these days. Hendon slammed in the penalty and that was pretty much it. Barnet still looked more likely to score again and did so when Puncheon worked another opening and drove in a fine low cross which Magno Vieira could hardly miss. He did his best, but it sneaked into the top corner all the same. Just for a moment it was like watching Brazil, in that Vieira is (bizarrely) Brazilian.

Puncheon had a fine game for the Bees, he is quickly maturing into a very good player at this level. He's more of a direct runner on the left than a trickster like Lee Cook, but he has a fair amount of skill to go with it and his delivery is improving all the time. Dean Sinclair was also excellent in midfield. Cobblers ? Well, they weren't that bad. Arf arf. Actually they were in the second half. Having heard Loftus Road echo to "You'll never beat the Cobblers" more than once, I did enjoy this revenge by proxy. Given the title of this blog I must mention Northampton's Bunn who, despite his white boots (TM), played in goal. I really don't think that white boots inspire confidence in a goalkeeper.

And so Barnet are into the magic hat and will be praying for an away draw against a big club. A home draw would probably be more trouble than it's worth, unless they can switch it, but we'll see what comes out.


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