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Friday, September 01, 2006

Window Shopping

It looks to me that Arsenal had the best of the deadline dealing yesterday, apart from the bizarre West Ham moves that is. Wenger shipped out two players who were desperate to leave without compromising on the price. I don't know a lot about Baptista but I'm sure that Gallas plus cash is a great deal for Ashley Cole. The biggest surprise (bar West Ham once again) was that United let Rossi go to Newcastle on loan and are now left with Rooney, Saha, Solskjaer and Smith up front. Given that Saha has always been injury-prone, Solskjaer has been out for three years, and Smith almost a year prior to which he was playing in midfield, it's very odd. It's like the England World Cup squad all over again.

Down in the Championship there were a few moves that smacked of desperation, none more so than Shefki Kuqi to Palace for £2.5 million. £2.5 million ? Is he sure ? Well, this is the manager who spent £6 million on Ade Akinbiyi, however high his stock might be with the FA. Time will tell. There wasn't much action at Rangers, which means that several transfer-listed players will remain at the club until January at least.

Update : I almost forgot, best of all for the Gunners, £2 million for Kryten :-)


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