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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Barnet 3 Hereford 0

A goal glut at Underhill. By Barnet standards anyway. The first half was meandering along much like the Torquay game when the Hereford defence went AWOL and allowed Grazioli all the time in the world to thread his shot into the corner (couple of good class B cliches there). Barnet still didn't threaten particularly but fortunately the Bulls made the Bees look like Real Madrid going forward, they were utterly toothless. Nicky Bailey, who really should be playing at least a division higher even allowing for my pro-Barnet bias, scored a fine second after a trademark mazy run, and Jason Puncheon surprised everyone, not least himself, by curling in a third right on time. Even allowing for home advantage Hereford were very poor and surely this is one team Barnet can finish above. If we can find another we're laughing. Finally on this game a teaser for you : which one-time million pound player was a Hereford substitute today ? And which mugs paid a million for him ?

On a totally unrelated topic, a decent point for Rangers today although it's always disappointing not to win after leading for most of the game. Extrapolating as necessary through the QPR website's report that "Preston probably deserved a point", I can only conclude that they battered us for the second half. Perhaps Dan can let us know how the game went ?

And in the latest installment of "I Spit On Your Television", two bonuses today. Firstly I can watch Premiership goals and snippets in reasonable quality on my phone for £5 a month. Not bad. Unfortunately the battery conked out before I saw them all but it's nearly charged again now. And so I can report that, amongst other happenings, there certainly was a foul on Kevin Davies' goal ; Liverpool's penalty looked highly suspect ; but Everton's was an absolute joke, it hit Powell right in the face. Hats off to Reading for winning 3-2 from 0-2 down, what a first game in the top flight !

The second bonus is that Talk Sport have replaced their phone-in host Patrick whathisname, along with the morning guy Adrian Durham. I felt that both of them tried too hard to be angry and controversial just to wind callers up, something that about 80% of Talk Sport's overall coverage seems to be devoted to doing. Micky Quinn's new strike partner on the evening show is 80s throwback Terry Christian, who you would think would be really annoying, but I enjoyed the show a lot. Two things, he was honest, and unafraid to say that a) he doesn't care about England and b) TV scheduling of games is a pain in the arse. Whether his employers, who also own Sky TV, will allow him to peddle this line in future remains to be seen ! And the other great plus point was that he was really came across as wanting to have a laugh and treat football as entertainment which, many seem to have forgotten, is basically what it is. It's not the legendary Baker and Kelly but it's a tremendous improvement on Alan Green and his miserable cohorts.


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