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Friday, August 25, 2006

QPR 1 Ipswich 3

Same old same old. Bottom of the league ? Don't know where your next point's coming from ? Just come to Loftus Road, bring the Sky cameras with you and you'll be fine.

If you were interested in this game you might have seen it yourself ; I wasn't sure I was going to go but I'm glad I did, even though we lost, it wasn't a bad game. You can't really complain when the oppo score three and hit the woodwork twice, it was just annoying that the game turned on the most blatant dive, he did everything but clasp his hands together ready to break the waves. Rangers were a bit pants after the equaliser though, and having seen a win and a loss, I would say they look a bit 15th-y. Should have enough to stay up, but missed Rowlands and especially Ainsworth badly tonight. Replacements Gallen and Lomas look ready for the porch/rocking chair/slippers combo on tonight's showing. Stewart had a better game though, and looks like he could be a good defender with a bit more experience and general nous.

It's a double header for me this weekend, Charlton-Bolton tomorrow, which doesn't stir the blood immediately I admit but who knows, stranger things have happened. At least it only costs £21 instead of the £30 I paid tonight. How do they do that ? It can only be years of prudent, competent long-term management. I wish Rangers had thought of that.


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