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Friday, August 11, 2006


Off I trot to Loftus Road tomorrow to see if the R's can grab a much-needed (already) win. Accounts of the previous two games (0-2 v Burnley and 2-2 v Leeds) vary wildly according to whether you are reading a) the official QPR website or b) anything else. I reserve judgement until I can see it with my own shell-likes. No wait, that's ears. Whatever.

My rough plan of action for the next few weeks is as follows :

Tomorrow QPR v Southend
19th Barnet v Hereford
26th Charlton v Bolton
Sept 2nd not sure, maybe Barnet v Walsall
9th probably Orient v Brentford

If any readers will be attending these games and fancy a pre-match livener, drop me a line.


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