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Saturday, June 10, 2006

It Must Be The Heat

Well if yesterday teaches me one thing, it's to stick to the point. If I had just said "Costa Rica +1.5" it would have been unlucky, a 30-yarder with 5 minutes left. In the event I am applying the first of many egg-removing cloths to my face. Still, a miss is as good as a mile !

What to do with England though. Well maybe it is the heat I am suddenly enthused with optimism regarding the English campaign. I think they should win comfortably today and even though the odds are too short really I'm going to punt them for the semi-finals seeing as Poland have cocked it up already, 3 pts @ 2.62.

I do have some Internet footage but it could best be described as a series of still photographs to accompany the commentary at least half the time. I'm sure there's something wrong with my video settings, that or my laptop is taking it on itself to do stuff that I don't care about all the time. It's not the biggest deal ever ; I was watching the Germany game in the gym yesterday and my mind was starting to wander even though I had a bet on. I can't sit still long enough to watch games on TV any more.


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