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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Zut Alors

All is not well in the French camp. Barracked by the Parisian crowd after beating Mexico 1-0, Thierry Henry was one player who couldn't seem to understand why.

The reason why is that, as noted previously on this blog, their coach is a mentalist. On top of his Mystic Meg stylings, popular opinion has it that Zidane, on his return to the squad, is exerting too much influence over who is selected (which would be any influence at all). Thus, in particular, Barthez is the choice in goal ahead of the younger and more highly rated Coupet ; the ineffective Dhorasoo (one of the players getting the stick in Paris) is in the squad ahead of Barcelona's Guily ; and, most unbelievably of all, Premiership laughing stock Boumsong is in the squad, while one of Serie A's most respected defenders Mexes is left out entirely.

What fascinates me about this is that in France they get a bit of grief off the crowd and the players are whingeing about it, but that seems to be more or less it. Can you imagine what the response would be over here if Ericsson, reportedly under the influence of Beckham, openly discussed picking players on the basis of their astrological sign, and ended up selecting, ooh I don't know, Nigel Martyn ahead of Paul Robinson and Titus Bramble ahead of John Terry. I think someone would actually string him up. The tabloids would have a bounty on his head.

Bottom line : lay France jusqu'à ce que les vaches viennent à la maison (yay Babelfish !)


  • At 11:49 PM, Blogger Stevie Bennett said…

    Is Boumsong the thinking man's Pascal Cygan?

    Could be worse Andy he could have picked 'the human kryptonite' himself.

    Check this out

    Pascal Cygan actually says...and I quote...

    "I am fine, but I can't tackle or accelerate...". Priceless!

    Back to full fitness then.


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