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Monday, April 17, 2006

Kids Can Be So Cruel

Football news today, according to a newspaper report [1], Manchester United players vandalised their teammate Park Ji-Sung's car because it was only a Kia. Yay for team spirit and tolerance of other peoples' cultural values. We might as well lump our hard-earned on a school team.

Nonetheless, what's on offer today ? Last chance for Crewe, they're worth the maximum investment at home to Cardiff. Last chance for Brighton as well but I'm steering clear this week. Sometimes you think teams are maliciously playing well only when you oppose them. Plymouth are finishing the season strongly, their opponents Luton aren't. As much as I'd like to see MK Dons sink down the pyramid without trace, they're having a good go and are worth a nibble at home to wobbling Hartlepool. And dare I back Barnet at home to Mansfield ? I'll be there today and there's enough riding on this already. No need to spice it up with a bet !

Back Crewe, 5 pts @ 2.34
Back Plymouth, 3 pts @ 2.26
Back MK Dons, 3 pts @ 2.32

[1] It was in the Express so there's a fair chance it's not as true as it rings.


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