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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bet Of The Season

Chelsea 11/8 on Betfair to win at Old Trafford. They should be a healthy odds on. Why aren't they (a question you should always ask when seeking the value) ? I suspect because people simply want them to lose, to breathe some life into the title non-race. And because Mourinho is more of a cock every week. But if people think that United can do what they did to Arsenal last year (kick them off the pitch), I feel they are mistaken. I'm sure they'll try, but Chelsea are an extremely powerful side physically. Also Keane and Neville are busy making inspirational videos on the sideline ; charged with the kicking duties instead are Fletcher and Richardson. I bet Essien is quaking in his boots. United are rubbish. Lump on.

I was at Underhill yesterday, up for the cup and a very entertaining game it was too, against League One pace-setters Southend. Barnet keeper Ross Flitney made a string of fine saves and clearly hasn't let his Old Trafford nightmare weaken his resolve. Good for him. Southend looked decent enough but did confirm my suspicion that League One is particularly weak this year, if they're heading it.

Meanwhile Rangers had a bash against Reading but came up short. Physically short by all accounts, Rangers only had 3 6-footers on the pitch yesterday and, sadly, in the Championship that's a big (haha) factor. Predictably enough Reading scored a set-piece winner. I was very unhappy with the guy who called Talk Sport to moan at Holloway. When pressed by Micky Quinn (who is a top geezer) as to why, he just burbled nonsense. I hate it at Rangers when they all start whingeing. They should be bowing down to Holloway and the coaching staff for pulling the club back from the brink the way they have. You win some you lose some, everyone's doing their best, take it like a man for once.

15/2 I managed to resist the temptation to alter or omit this post ...


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