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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

InternatioNil-Nil Break

I might kick this blog back into life. Completely unrelated to the fact that QPR are storming the Championship (note: sample size). I can't find it now but one one of my blogs somewhere I said that football and reality TV (or football for girls as I think of it) was just distracting people from how shit everything is and someone commented along the lines of "yeah, but what can you do, might as well enjoy it". He might have been right.

So yet again the football season has been completely derailed to make way for international qualifiers. And haven't us Brits been storming them. I had to laugh a bit at Northern Ireland, even though of course their performances must have been >>>>>>>>> those of Wales for a start. It's just that NI stick 11 men behind the ball against Italy, the vistors don't take their chances and everyone from the Province is "Yes ! Green Army ! We're The Greatest, By Jizz !!" (rearrange vowels randomly to duplicate Ulster "brogue"). Three days later the Faroe Islands stick 11 men behind the ball (and at least manage a goal), NI don't take their chances and it's back to "FML we're the worst".

A more balanced assessment is that with a bit of hard work, home advantage and good old luck it's really not unusual for a well-organised, physical team to nick a point against technically superior opposition. It's still clear enough that the scuffling point-gainers don't have a cat in hell's chance of qualifying anyway. The real question is does anyone care ? I suppose attendances are still high enough, certainly judging by the swathes of England fans I had to wade through at Liverpool Street yesterday, but I have to say it leaves me pretty cold, even allowing for the fact that when it comes to patriotism I'm well onside with Dr. Johnson.

Nonetheless it might have come at a good time for the Superhoops. A lot of the buzz on the Internet seems to be "if we can steer clear of injuries", but it's worth pointing out that we are where we are with Faurlin, Rowlands, Orr, Hall and Hulse all injured but coming back into contention soon. I would think only Faurlin would come straight back into the team (replacing the disappointing Buzsaky) but that's a hell of a bench at this level. The squad looks strong enough to deal with most eventualities, Warnock has excellent connections and a good eye for a player when it comes to loans (as we can see with Kyle Walker) and I really can't see anyone else reaching the same standard, with the possible exception of Cardiff when they get their forwards back fit.

Clearly nothing can go wrong now :)))


  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Calculus said…

    No plans to kick the poker blog back to life? I miss it!

  • At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Stay tuned, I should be posting something later this week!



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