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Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Know What ?

To hell with them all. Specifically at QPR, where I don't care who's to blame or what really happened, the fact is they're all being paid fortunes, of our money, and they can't get the job done without poncing about in strops and sacking each other every half a season, while clubs run on a shoestring like Watford and Blackpool put them to shame with their character, team spirit, togetherness and work ethic right through the club (not just the players).

And on a broader level, I've already invested far too much of my time on people who don't even know who I am. I mock the celebrity culture and how people seem to care about "celebs" who wouldn't give them the time of day, and yet I do it myself, spending far too much of my time thinking about footballers or poker players who, for all their faults, certainly spend 0.00000% of their time thinking about me or anyone like me.

I'm probably going to close this blog down in the New Year. I'll just give it a couple of weeks as I have a lot of previous for changing my mind .. but I hope I'll stick to this one. If I devoted that time to thinking about friends and family instead it would be better for me and everyone around me.


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