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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Silence Of The Hams

As I was in the supermarket this morning I could see the back pages of a lot of the papers, hands held in front of them six inches apart, shoulders bunched, poised to wring them sanctimoniously if anyone disrupts the minute's silence at the Manchester derby tomorrow. Doesn't anyone realise that the very best way to ensure there's a problem is to keep banging on about it ? I first heard Mike Ingham droning on about this two weeks ago on Radio 5. With his spectacles perched on his nose, he patiently explained to the class, er I mean listeners, that Matt Busby played for City and Frank Swift and so on and so on.

First of all, let's just stop and think here. What kind of person would disrupt a minute's silence ? A fucking idiot, LDO. And how do fucking idiots respond to reasoned, schoolmasterly appeals ? They ignore them. More to the point, making this into an issue both before and after is in fact likely to exacerbate the situation, because what do fucking idiots love ? Attention. FFS just ignore them. Stop going on about it. OK I'm going on about it here but at least I'm not talking a load of shite. If there's a problem on the day, either ignore it or say "well, a few idiots embarrassed themselves but that's their problem". But of course that's the one thing the media can't do. People like Alan Green and Jeff Powell, who seem to view their purpose in life as to find something to get angry about and make as many other people as possible angry about it too, will never just let these things go.

Meanwhile if you want an anniversary of horror that we can all remember, QPR lost 5-0 to Southend a year ago on this day :-)


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