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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barnet 0 Bristol Rovers 1

This was a missed opportunity for Barnet. Jason Puncheon missed a penalty after barely two minutes ; scoring would have changed the game completely. As it was, Barnet had the better of the first half but only created a couple of half chances. Rovers struck five minutes into the second half when Lambert headed in a low cross, and were rarely troubled after that as they sat back, kept their shape and dealt with what little Barnet had to offer very comfortably.

Oh well, win some lose some, and at least they managed to wedge 5000 people into Underhill for a half-decent payday. It was surprising how arsey some people were about actually having to take up the seat that their ticket applied to. One guy seemed to think that because he'd been to an away game or two this season, he could settle himself down wherever he liked. Although it was a shame I couldn't have sloped off to another vantage point in the second half, as the bloke behind me reached super-annoying heights with his squeaky voice, complete lack of knowledge of football and, worst of all, parrot-like small child repeating everything he said. Live football's like live poker, it would be great if it wasn't for other people :-)


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