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Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll

I've been having a discussion with Paul S (who posts on here as Lionel Hutz) on Facebook about the whole "QPR are the new Chelsea" issue. While I suspect that Paul is projecting a little bit, he does make some fair points. After reading a particularly spiteful piece from the Daily Express (via a blog which reproduces press related to the club), I begin to have a degree of sympathy with long-term Chelsea fans who had no say in what happened. But then I remember that this is Chelsea we're talking about and everyone hated them a long time before Abramovich :-).

At the E of the D, there isn't anything that we can do about the situation as fans, any more than there was anything we could do when the club was stony broke, apart from turn up and pay at the gate. I'm a bit concerned about how many players have come in so quickly (although this can be attributed to the transfer window system), and feel some sympathy for players like Rehman and Nygaard who have been working hard to do their best despite their obvious limitations, and also the likes of Walton and Nardiello who might get frozen out without ever being able to prove themselves. Then again, the key word there is "might". They might still get their chance. The new players coming in might be mercenaries or they might grow to have a real connection with club and fans. We'll just have to wait and see - sorry to keep pitching this line but it's the truth and I don't have to make a bunch of pointlessly dogmatic snap judgements because I'm not here to sell anything and it makes no difference to me if this is read by 5 people or 5000.

What we can do as fans is take the right attitude going forward. I think this is very important and would like to make an open appeal to any Rangers fans reading this to, basically, celebrate the positive without being twats about it. Don't large it over other clubs who aren't as fortunate, don't moan about not being in Europe within two seasons and try not to bite when people carp at us. Just enjoy watching good players play good football (hopefully) and be grateful for how fortunate we are at the moment. Not least because, as The Camel pointed out, it might still all go tits up at some point. While it would be a great shame for our club, or any club, to go under, I think that would be even worse if you didn't even enjoy yourself while it was there.

Update : Almost within the hour, reports indicate that Nardiello has been transfer-listed and a number of players, basically Rehman, Moore and four young players, have been told to look for another club (although this hasn't been confirmed on the official site yet). Of the young players cited, I did think Pat Kanyuka had a chance and he might find himself a gig at this level or close to it.


  • At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Ben said…

    "While it would be a great shame for ... any club to go under ..."

    As a regular reader and Leeds fan, I am taking this as warm sentiment towards my beloved club (it's likely to be as close as I'll get given some of your previous entries!).

    You make a great point. I'm certain that some fans get a kick out of finding reasons to be persistently gloomy, regardless of the bigger picture for their clubs.

    That's -EV in karma terms.

  • At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    TBH I was more thinking of Luton, who I've never liked since the ID card days, and even now are spraying an England international with beer while he's signing autographs and selling his picture to the Sun when he takes offence. But none of that is the fault of the majority of fans who are just supporting their club the same as the rest of us.


  • At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I Hope i didnt convey that i am not enjoying it, we are living the dream, if anything im a little bored by always winning, theres now only about 8 games a season i genuinely dont think we will win. I hark after those relegation/promotion seasons :-)
    Lionel H


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