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Monday, December 17, 2007

Cat Amongst The Pigeons

With all the takeover and changes at QPR, is anyone at the club safe ? You might have thought that the mascot would at least have a chance to prove himself to new management, but news comes in that Jude The Cat is under threat, as follows :

Alejandro Agag [1] : "[The new owners] are very superstitious and worry about having a black cat as a mascot and don't want any bad luck. [He] suggested that rather than banishing Jude The Cat, that he's rebranded in a different colour."

Man of science that I am, you can kind of see their point, is a black cat really the lucky mascot you want ? Further according to the source article though, Rangers are trying to model the club after Sunderland. Nickname : The Black Cats ! Well now I don't know what to think.

Slightly more seriously, some interesting claims in there about the quality of players coming in next month, we'll see.

[1] Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Holdings PLC apparently, although I'm sure he was also the character in Hitch-Hikers who was repeatedly reincarnated and killed by Arthur Dent.


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