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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gambling It Up

A few bets for this weekend :

Blackburn v West Ham, 1.74
Middlesboro v Man City, 2.42
Preston v Burnley, 1.94 (1pm today)
Southend v Leeds, 2.22
Accrrington v Torquay, 2.22
Charlton v Newcastle, 2.48 (tomorrow)

Middlesboro are long because City need the points much more and Boro play their cup replay against Manchester United on Monday night, but even so City's overall wretchedness over-rides these factors IMO. I hope I'm wrong about Southend but they have some momentum going and Roots Hall will be rocking for this one. I'm backing Accrington for the sole reason that I have just heard their manager on the radio comparing this game to "going all in with Ace King suited". Top man. 2.22's pretty good odds for a coin flip.

Another big game for Rangers at Leicester today, 3 points is almost a must, I am really starting to fear for the Hoops as we could well need 4 wins to stay up and it's hard to see where they're coming from.


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